Month: July 2014

Strawberry tips

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My strawberry collection is getting larger every year with runners galore. So many I have come up with a simple wire pin that is not lost in the ground like others do.

Start with a 3 inch piece of soft wire, bend in the middle, twist one turn at the bend while holding the ends still and you have a wire pin with a grip loop on the top making it easy to locate when cutting the runner loose after it has rooted.

Strawberry runner pin


Pic of before during and after.

This last growing season the Torries went off the charts when sending out runners while the others in my collection didn’t. This year (2014 Oct) all have been given the same mulch and feed so I will compare growth rates between Hokowase, Kunawase, Torrie, Chandler Red, Red Gauntlet, Phenomenal, Lowanna, Alinta, Meliodora, Pink, Amsterdam Rose, Kamu, Cambridge Rival, Sweetheart, Tioga, Blondie and one other with no name that I know of that the seeds on the fruit actually germinate! Be happy for anyone to suggest what it is!


This almost ripe one has sprouted its seeds and the green one below is even more pronounced.


Will let them continue and see what happens…