This blog is to help all those out there who are confused about aquaponics because of all the contradictory advice on YouTube and elsewhere. I began doing this before digital cameras or Internet provision. Just page turning books, journals, DIY advice in magazines and a lot of trial and error.

Why should you waste your time, money, enthusiasm and possibly your marriage in making all the mistakes I made when all you have to do is ask “what if”? There is no such question as a dumb one (maybe annoying ones though).

My progression through the learning process in aquaponics began with a aquarium in the lounge and then straight to a professional fibreglass setup with 12v back up.



2 thoughts on “About

    Greg said:
    22/05/2018 at 17:06

    Hi, I spoke with you at the Landcare waste management workshop in Moyston.
    We organised a visit to Pomonal Primary this week (24th).
    Would you confirm that you’ll attend please and let us know how long you need to discuss the Sustainable Schools programme ?
    Thanks, Greg,

      Paul's aquaponics responded:
      31/05/2018 at 19:51

      Been a busy month-and-a-half. Have spoken to your school teacher to organise another time for me to be there after the International Compost Awareness Week is over to get you and your school up and running. You can always call me on 0429 327 687 anytime…

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