Ararat Community Garden

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We organised a rejuvenation get together for the Ararat CG and held workshops on worm farm, compost and the ethics of gardening. Invited two really good speakers in Rebecca Sullivan, Granny Skills, and Costa Georgiadis, ABC Gardening Australia.

Had a powerful day of talking and answering questions while meeting new, like minded people.


For those of you who don’t know, that’s Costa on the right…


Rebecca, La Vergne and Costa…


Some of the more than fifty people who turned up listening to me talk about how to set up a proper garden shed and perform some maintenance on your gardening gear to make work easier.


IMG_2142_20150529102858 IMG_1567

Rebecca talking about how she became concerned about how gardening and eating skills are being lost and how she is trying to keep these “Granny Skills” alive


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