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Started a seed library for real now, you interested?

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The Garden of Earthy Treasures has now opened a Heirloom Vegetable seed library with over 280 varieties cataloged to date and approximately 8,000 seeds. Anyone can join and add to the collection and then be entitled to withdraw any type of seed of the same volume or less.

The G.E.T. seed library

This is one of two fridges and a chest freezer for other seed needing the lower chill factor.

As changes are made we will keep you informed…


January 2015 update.

We have added a database of all seeds collected with details on source, amount, planting notes and any other relevant info.

We have also concreted our loaning criteria so those of you who have contributed already have your seeds fully protected.

Policy is as follows…

  1. All seed is to be heirloom variety. No hybrid types at all.
  2. What you put in you can get out in other types of seed either in one lot or many smaller lots. eg. depositor puts in 100g of lettuce seed so can take out 100g of one plantĀ or 10 lots of 10g of any assorted seed or any combination there of.

That’s it! Keeping it simple but if you think there should be any additions let me know and I’ll consider them.


March update.

Thanks to the new members and now another 145 varieties is store! Looking at having another fridge installed to take more seed and am working on a database to detail member details and their contributions.

Keep them coming!

July update.

Just finished adding another 93 varieties to the fridge and planted out most of the brassicas, see my other post.

Have decided against taking species and varieties that are likely not to do well here, tropical plant seeds are a no go.

Have sourced second fridge to take the extra seed and been through the database. The seed older than 2013 will be donated to Community Gardens in the area.