Warracknabeal Community Garden

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The Warracknabeal Community Garden (WCG) asked me to help out getting their garden off the ground late last year and now I can show the progress with the first beds being prepared with the assistance of the Secondary College year nines.

There have been many meetings and lots of planning and finally the first raised beds are in. Over the next four Saturday mornings there will be working bees to fill them and plant.

Master Gardener Bruce (MG) and myself have talked long and hard over what should go where and with what level of difficulty we should start from.

We got some brassica seedlings and peas and carrots and held a short discussion on seed planting and the relevance of “tilth” and seed size, a word kids have never heard of!

IMG_0126 IMG_0125 IMG_0123IMG_0124

The MG ute ready to off load the next straw bales for another raised bed at the entrance. Second one shows the fruit transportation crates bought ready to have geotec stapled in over the drainage holes. The tank was donated and has been plumbed into the shop next door letting the Warracknabeal CG use that water. From the back of the plot in pix 3 and 4 look toward the main street showing the donated pool fencing erected by Mr. Inkster, a local farmer and quiet achiever.


The first bed made by the WCG MG with one course of fencing wire around to keep shape. Planted by the Warracknabeal Secondary Kids inter-spaced with peas and  row of multi colored carrots. Heather H donated to protective cover.


Janelle I’s handy work on the North wall advertising to one and all whats going on and when! Get involved!

The garden has a weekly working bee with a focus on opening day some time soon.

This is what it looked like six months ago, a green field site…

IMG_0132And the new fence and gates installed!!!

iphone pix 319Bruce Hein’s creation from fruit boxes, now filled with an apricot and herbs

iphone pix 307The new shed attached to the newly laid donated pavers. iphone pix 264Straw bale beds are thriving… iphone pix 253Lettuce galore!

iphone pix 238Donated info stand planted…  IMG_0376Looking west across all the beds. IMG_0377Seed planting workshop success…    IMG_0381Members painting the boxes and lining them with geotech.

Working bees are held every Saturday morning from 9:30am, see you there!!!