Grow your own from the rubbish bin

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I have noticed more in my news feed about growing veggies from the rubbish or bokashi bin recently.

My Grandfather taught me this when I was about 5yo, I’m still doing it with all that comes through our kitchen waste…


In these three trays (recycled meat trays from the supermarket) pour 5mm water in and add carrot off cuts, beetroot, celery, pal choy etc etc and grow not for root re growth but seed! Harvest then plant out your own seed from multi coloured carrot, chard and the list goes on…


As you can see in the tray on the right, the most recent coloured carrots have been placed with the ones from the roast from last week behind them. Between four to eight inches, 10 to 20cm of growth, with no effort, time or expense needed.

I suppose old is new! Bring it on!!!

More pix for those who asked…

iphone pix 015

iphone pix 014

iphone pix 013

The last pic is colored carrots, why would you buy expensive seeds when you can do this? Ok it takes a few weeks of patience to see flower heads but worth it in the end.